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Before Memorial Day it was Decoration Day.

William Tannahill, Phillips County
William Tannahill, Iowa UnionCemetery, Phillips Co., Kansas. Has 3 tombstones. He died at Anapolis, MD at an Union Army Hospital while on "parole" from a Confederate prison.  He was a member of Co B, 7th Reg, Iowa Infantry.  Taken prison at Belmont, MO.  Though actually buried in Anapolis National Cemetery, he has a tombstone in Chickasaw Co., Iowa and one where his widow Jeannette White Tannahill moved, Iowa Union Cemetery, Phillips Co., Kansas.
 At one time George went to Washington to have the body of his father, William Tannahill moved from the Cemetery there, and brought to Nashua Co. Cemetery near the Little Brown Church, but was informed that a body could not be removed from a National Cemetery.  He went back to Iowa and had a tombstone erected for his father and markers for James Tannahill and his baby sister, Ella, who died when she was only 3 yrs. old.

Tombstone on the left is the stone at Annapolis National Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland.
Find A Grave Memorial# 43741937

The tombstone on the right is the memorial stone that George H.
Tannahill had erected in Greenwood Cemetery, Chickasaw Co.
Iowa.  not far from the Little Brown Church.  This is the cemetery where little Ella was buried and where James was also buried.
Find A Grave Memorial# 65326554
Tannahill, William
The Cemetery below is the Iowa Union Cemetery as it is today.  When George H. Tannahill, William's son moved to Phillipsburg, Kansas, he bought a farm.  On this farm, as family died, they were buried here.  Several Civil War Soldier's from Iowa wanted to be buried here also.  George had the name changed to the Iowa Union Cemetery in honor of the Civil War Veterans who were buried there.  Hence, the Iowa Union Cemetery in Phillipsburg, Kansas.

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