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Janette had not heard from William since shortly before he went to battle at Belmont, where he was taken captive by the southern troops.  At that time he had written to her.  It seems providential that he should have been let to write such words at a time when he had little doubt of returning in safety.  This last communication was read as a tribute to our ancestor, William Tannahill, at the Commemorative Funeral Services in Bradford, Iowa on Dec. 24, 1862 by the Pastor Rev. J. K. Nuting.
“Dear wife;  I hardly know what to write to you as I do not know how you feel.  I believe you feel as though you had a burden too heavy to bear.  I do not doubt it, but you must try to keep up good spirits.  Do the best you can and put your trust in that God who will not suffer anything to come upon them that trust Him to their spiritual advantage.  Hath he not said he will never leave nor forsake you? And if it is so that I never come home He hath promised that He will be a husband to the widow and a Father to the fatherless.  And now, dear wife, commit yourself and our dear children to the care of that God that never slumbers.  If it is His will that I should come home we will praise His name and if not, let us be resigned and say, “Not my will, but thine be done, O God!”  Look forward to the time when  there shall be no more parting, neither sorrow nor sighing, when all tears shall be wiped from our eyes.  Put your trust in the Lord, for they that put their trust in Him shall never be moved nor put to shame.  I hope the children will be good and kind to their mother.    Yours in Love,     William Tannahill”

Andy Feldt wrote Janette of his death at Annapolis.  Many years later in a letter dated April 4, 1888, to Benjamin Morton, Andy wrote, “Is Mrs. Tannahill living there?  I shall never forget what a sad task it was to write her of her husbands death in Annapolis Hospital.”

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Tannahill, Mrs Janette White

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