Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Little Brown Church in the Vale

In 1855, William Tannahill brought his family to Nashua, Iowa.  His brother and his wife, Robert and Margaret Nelson Tannahill came also.  The years in Iowa were difficult years.  William had bought 40 acres of land close to New Bradford but a few months later his horses were stolen so he gave up farming and made his living as a cobbler.  He tanned his own leather and went from home to home making shoes for the entire family.  William did carpenter work and helped build the first Congregational Church of New Hampton, later known as the “The Little Brown Church in the Wildwood.”  They became Charter members of this little church and their names are engraved on a bronze plaque there today. 

If you visit the Little Brown Church in Nashua, Iowa you can see this Bronze Memorial Tablet in the front of the chapel (In  the church photo's on their website it is partially hidden behind the Christmas tree). It shows the original membership, 1855-1888.  It was dedicated on October 11, 1925.  These are the names on the tablet:

1856 - Carolyn Billings, Mary Spurr, Leander Smith, Eliza N. Smith, Lemuel Bull, Capt. John Smith, Betsey Smith, Elmore Smith, Charlotte B. Smith, Mary Vinton, William Tannahill, Janet Tannahill, J. Edward Smith, Octavia K. Smith
1857 - Hiram Fountain, Hannah Fountain, Mary Thompson
1858 - Cheerill Parkhurst, E.N. Palmer, Corintha R. Palmer,Anna M. Biggar, Harriet W. Smith, Harriet Smith
1859 - Levi S. Thomas, Charlotte R. Thomas
1860 - Samuel F. Eastman, Hannah L. Eastman, William Stephens, Ann Stephens, Celeste E. Nutting, John Heald, Lydia E. Heald, Mary Foster, Elizabeth J. Strickland, Margaret E. Thompson, Ellen J. Thomas, Maria C. Smith, Dora Stephens, Ellen S. Taylor, Levi Haskell, Paulina Haskell, Mrs. Charles Greeley, William Biggar, Elizabeth Biggar, Harriet W. Dickinson
1861 - Newton J. Watson
1861- Daniel Heath, Calvin A. Bierce, Frances R. Bierce
1862 - Irving M. Fisher, Mary E. Smith, Celia J. Wells, Mary A. Chapman, Edward Thomas, Mary A. Barber, Carrie B. Smith, Mary J. Biggar, Celia I. Bird, Mary E. Weller
1864 - Ellen Hall
1865 - Mary E. Colony
1866 - Albert E. Quaife, William A. Eastman, Licerus A. Jewett, Mary E. Choate, Maria U.N. Knapp, William P. Bennett, Mrs. W. P. Bennett
1867 - Joseph S. Bennett, Mrs. Albert Quaife, Riley Brooks, William M. Brooks, Adelia F. Brooks,
Henry N. Potter, Leonard M. Tucker, Alletta L. Brooks
1868 - Rev. R. J. Williams, Mrs. A. P. Williams, Harriet Williams, Phoebe Wade, Mrs. W. Myers   
1869 - Fannie G. Graves
1870 - John F. Brant, L. B. Parker, Eliza A. Parker, Carrie W. Barrie, Mary R. Bliss
1871 - Erastus Palmer
1872 - Mrs. J. W. Hudson, Mary B. Morse, F.A. Davis, Alma Davis, Maria Brooks
1874 - Rev. J. W. Hudson, Ida Adams, Elvira Bird, Maria D. Smith, George Laird, Lydia A. Laird, Mary Jane Spencer, Mary L. Eastman, Margaret W. Tannahill, Rena D. Smith, Anna George Laird, Margaret Laird, Swift B. Smith, Minerva J. Smith
1875 - Agnes Dalziel, Orlando Billiangs, Sarah Billings, Ella R. Ranch, Louise C. Ranch
1880 - Warren R. Smith, Marion R. Heald, James M. Heald
1883 - Edward B. Smith, Helen D. Eastman, Alice I. Smith, Mary M. Johnson, Clara A. Dickenson
1887 - Edna M. Heald, Ada Hillman
1888 - Eva Smith, Lillie Mitchell, Cora Wolf
(Note:  I have never seen a list of these names transcribed.  I have tried to copy, as best I could from 2 pictures of these tablets.  There may be mistakes so do not take this as proof but it should give you an idea of who was there at that time.  MH.)

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