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Willard Lucien Bowlsby and Olive Lela Thayer

Will Bowlsby, Cora and May
and Olive Thayer Bowlsry

Willard Lucien Bowlsby was born in Albion Township, Calhoun Co, Michigan on 27 Dec. 1857.  He was the youngest son of Charles Bowlsby and Mellissa Jane Thompson.  He married Olive L. Thayer on  November 7, 1877 in Butler Co. Nebraska. Witnesses to the marriage were Elbridge Thayer, Olive’s father and Edward Bowlsby, Willard’s brother.  This new little Bowlsby family lived on a farm near David City, Nebraska.  Their first three children, Cora Melissa b.1878, a little girl with big blue eyes and dark curls,  Leroy b.1880, and Effie Lecreca b.1882, were born there.  In 1884, Willard and Olive lost 2 of their younger children, Leroy and Effie, to diphtheria.  They are buried in David City.

After the death of the children, they moved to Oregon and homesteaded near Pilot Rock. After they arrived, 3 more children were born to them, May, Fayette Elenora and Lillian. Cora grew up and at 18 married Walter Reinhart.  She was so happy with her new home, husband and later her baby.  When little Marvin was 6 mos old he got measles and died in 3 days.  Cora lived only 4 months longer.  Both are buried at Albee, Oregon.  After Cora’s death, Olive and Will’s  family moved to Pendleton, Oregon.  Faye and May lived to maturity and reared children.  Faye married George Leaf at Pendleton, Oregon and had a daughter, Vera.  May married Harry Updyke at 16 yrs. of age and had three children, Madge, Fleda and Bernice.  Bernice died at Portland, Oregon when she was 1 1/2 yrs. old.

Picture on the right:
 Top:  Harry Updyke. Fay Elenora, George Washington Leaf, May (Bowlsby)
Updyke.  Bottom:  Willard Lucien, Fleda Updyke, Vera Leaf. Madge Updyke, Olive Lela Thayer Bowlsby

Elbridge Thayer, Olive’s father, died at the home of Will and Olive Bowlsby in Pendleton, Oregon in 1917.  After his death his body was taken back to David City, Nebraska where he was buried in the David City Cemetery.  It is interesting to note that
Pvt. Elbridge Thayer served in the Union Army, Company "B", 7th Iowa Infantry. Which was the same Company that William Tannahill served in.  They must have been friends.

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