Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you remember?

Amy Bagley and Lydia Sargent
Taken abt 1945

Many years ago Lydia Tannahill Sargent wrote a remembrance to Amy Bagley, her sister, about some of the things that she remembered of their childhood.

”.........Do you remember the three plum groves in the pasture, how we ate and ate the plums and found out we could eat still more without making us sick?.........

..........Do you remember - Every evening we brought the cows in from the big pasture to the corral to milk?  I have a very fast moving picture in my mind of your (often) grabbing a cow by the tail as they came down the last hill into the corral.  How she would run but you hung on, if it nearly did snap your heels off!  And talking about cows!  We had gone to the corral to milk one evening, and you dared me  to sit down on a gentleman cow.  He was getting cross and we were both afraid of him.  He was lying down and I sat!  No animal ever moved so fast as he did and around that corral he run with me on his back!!!  I fell off as he neared the fence, and scooted under it!  I suppose he was as scared as I, …….and did you laugh! It scares me yet to think of it!........    

..........How we rode the pigs when we were quite small?  The pretty curly haired white Angora goat .. that was kept tied up so she couldn't chase us?  One day he got loose and when we saw her coming we made a "bee  line" for the nearest tree.  You're legs were longer and you reached it first and up it  you went and after you, as far as I could get, but she could reach my bare feet and butted them until our Mother rescued us.....”
 .........The poor old Ewe we took a dislike to - we waited until dusk and doused her in a pail of water. (I am still ashamed of this!).......... 

A cousin of mine still remembers visiting with us and going after the cows with my
brother Glen.  She remebers the playhouse that we had in the trees, with the "real framed picture" in it.  She was very impressed as she had never before seen a playhouse with a picture in it. 

......Do you remember - Our first doll, Rosie, a rag doll?   I recall the day we "gave her up" - a sad day, but Lucy and Ella soon took her place in our affections.  Our charm strings were an early interest in our childhood.   Remember the tree we climbed like squirrels?"........... 
......Do you remember the cart the folks got for us to ride to school in?  while playing at the barn one day we put the shafts up on a high stack, got into the seat and of course, it turned over backward, bumped our heads and doubled us up like jack knives..........”.

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