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Lillian Rosalee Bowlsby marries William Tannahill

Mary Louisa Bowlsby Hall
Shortly after Josephine’s marriage, Mary Louisa married Isaac Hall, also in 1870.  They had three children, Mary Mellissa, Ada Mable and Mervin Eugene.
 It was with Louisa Hall that Lillian (her sister) went to live.  She was 18 yrs. old. She came in a covered wagon with them when they went to Nebraska.   She stayed with them until she married William Tannahill.  William Tannahill was the brother of John Tannahill who had married her older sister, Juliette Josephine, 9 years before.   
Lillian Rosalee Bowlsby
Here is a picture of Lillian Rosalee Bowlsby when she lived with her sister, Louisa.  

 Young Will Tannahill was 6 years old when the family moved to Iowa. William stayed in Canada with his grandparents, John and Jane Elder White.  He is listed as living in their household in the Census of Huntingdon in 1861.  He was 12 years old when his father died and when Janette applied for a Widow's Pension she lists William as "living in Canada".  There is no record of when he came to Iowa or if he ever did live there, but he must have come to visit his brother, John Tannahill and wife, Juliette Josephine (Bowlsby) in Nebraska because on the 31 Dec. 1878 (as recorded in the Book of Marriages, pg. 63, Butler Co., Nebraska), William Tannahill married Lillian. 
Her brother, Charles Edwin and his wife, Jennie were witnesses to the wedding along with Mary Louisa and Isaac Hall.

Will Tannahill


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