Friday, April 29, 2011

I write Family Stories

I write family stories of my ancestors.  As I do that I have to study history.  I need to know the conditions that they lived with, and how they coped with these things, if I can, and how it affected their families.  I search the Internet for pictures of the time, or transportation, household items (until I found Google images I had a hard time finding a picture of a wringer washing machine), old toys, etc.  I do this because I want them to know about what life was about at that time and how they coped.  I try to find tidbits about these people in newspaper articles, old letters, old pictures, in old books and magazines.  In other words I try to make them live again for my children. I love the insight it gives into their personalities. And in so doing I have come to love them and look forward to meeting them in the eternities.

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  1. a lovely blog Marilyn, never to old to join the ranks of Geneabloggers. Welcome.